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Our Story

In Summer 2018, four women were asked to find a cause they believe in and make friends in support of that cause. After extensive conversation, our all-girl group surfaced a major problem in our immediate community, as well as communities across the globe. When it comes to running after dark, women have two options: running on the treadmill or not running at all. It's almost as if public places are not open to women when the sun goes down.

We want to bring awareness to this issue and empower women who currently believe there's nothing they can do.

In doing so, we created Despite the Dark™ – a campaign geared at starting a conversation about women's safety after dark and bringing the community together. To achieve this, we called upon Chicago's running community to create a night running event aimed at bringing men and women together to run as a group Despite the Dark™. We befriended fitness influencers in the area for help in raising awareness about our campaign.

Since our first run, we have launched Despite the Dark™ as a monthly initiative to create safe environments to run when the sun goes down. So far, we’ve spread as far as Sacramento, CA and Baltimore, MD — and we’re not done yet. Check out our Facebook Page for upcoming run/walks.