Are there any rules?

  1. Stay in the group run — do not run alone.

  2. Meet someone new.

  3. Ask yourself what running Despite the Dark means to you.

Can men join?

Of course! The goal is to create a safe inclusive community and start conversations about the issue of safety at night.

Will there be people of my pace?

Absolutely. People of all fitness levels are welcome. We will always have groups with different paces and distances available.

How can I prepare?

Make sure a few people are aware of your whereabouts. Keep a charged phone on you. Bring your own water and a great attitude.

How far are the run/walks?

Our events can range from 1-mile to 6-mile courses, depending on the area and the participants. We will have various pacers and team members accommodating different runs and paces, so all fitness levels are welcome!

Can I start a DTD Chapter in my city?

We’re always looking to expand and would love to chat to see if you or your organization are the right fit to start a new chapter. Email us at