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Founded in 2012, aSweatLife was launched to help readers live their best lives, with fitness as the catalyst. Whether you’re on the road with work, a busy parent or just getting started on your journey to a healthier life, aSweatLife has content to support your healthy life. The team of writers across the world is made up of people living the same life as the readers - busy professional who are trying to balance it all with a healthy lifestyle.

Since its launch, aSweatLife has grown into a full-fledged media company with a weekly podcast called #WeGotGoals; a technology team that produced the Sweatworking App; a successful nationwide event series called #Sweatworking; and a crew of hundreds of dedicated ambassadors in Chicago and beyond. In Chicago, the team hosts #SweatworkingWeek a week like Restaurant Week for fitness, meant to build community and introduce busy Chicagoans to new ways to workout.

SweatLife has been covered by Fast Company, New York Daily News, WCIU You&Me, Good Day Chicago, Entrepreneur, Tasty Trade, WGN, The Chicago Tribune and more.

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Universal Sole


Universal Sole has a long and rich history in the Chicago running community. About 20 years ago, we started out as a retail run shop on the north side of Chicago. Along with retail, we enjoyed putting on some great grass roots running events that get all of our running community united and excited. In those 20 years, we created some really cool events, fun runs and programs loved by all! In 2017, we closed our retail location to focus on our USOLE Running Events. If you love low key events without all the stress and pressure that come with large races and programs, then you should check out our races! Our races are fun for the entire family. From trail races to road races, we have your running calendar covered!



Pilates is a wonderful well-rounded form of exercise. It is not just about stretching nor just about abdominals. Pilates teaches you to work from your core, but is a full body workout that uses springs to create resistance in addition to working with one’s own body weight. Pilates creates a body awareness that most people don’t have, it helps to bring strength, flexibility, and balance back to a person. The thing that drew Marie in the most and what made her decide to become an instructor was how much Pilates can help people do what they really love and do it better. Whether it is golf, running, swimming, cycling, strength training or just starting out, you name it and Pilates will help.

At AB & Flow, the goal is to bring people together with all different fitness background with the common goal of getting fit, having fun and feeling great! Pilates is not the end all be all workout BUT it is going to help you be better at whatever it is you love doing - even if that is sitting on a patio drinking Rose.


Chicago Area Runners Association


The Chicago Area Runners Association, CARA, is a non-profit organization committed to serving and advocating for the local running community. We are Chicagoland’s running club, providing accessible opportunities for all runners to train, race, learn, be social and volunteer.

CARA is the nation’s third-largest running club, serving as the voice of local runners, as well as providing over 800 dates of programming and events per year.



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Brian Kent (NASM-CPT, CES, PES) is the owner of BKSTRENGTH, the Director of Performance at On Your Mark Coaching and Training, a Nike Trainer, and a part-time blogger for NASM and STACK magazine. Prior to becoming a trainer, Brian was a two-sport Division I college athlete and professional baseball player. Also a martial artist, he holds a black belt in tae kwon do, a black belt in judo, and a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Brian will eat anything from Portillo’s.